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Star Trek The Next Generation Season Six

I don't get this business about it being three-o-clock in the morning. A starship, surely, runs on a twenty-four hour basis, with shifts to cover each section. There should therefore be no downtime in any section. Weird.

Our Nella speaks of a Corellian tenor as having an incredible range. Surely, if he had an incredible range, he'd not be a tenor?

Um. In the scenes immediately before Will beards Picard in his ready room, if you peek out through the windows you will observe that the ship is at warp. If you do the same thing in the scenes immediately after the confrontation, you will see that the ship is still at warp. While they are speaking to each other though, the stars, clearly visible, are stationary. Oh dear!

Nice to see that the Unnamed Black Chick is still manning the Helm through the firestorm.

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